Meating Panel activity

The Meating Panel is a group of expert tasters and, more generally, a group working on the research and development of meat products or similar products, even formulated without meat. The work of the Panel is related to the sensory evaluation of fresh meat, fermented and cooked meat products, and meat substitutes. The purpose is check the adherence to specific standard and/or product categories and valorization of sensory qualities and other characteristics or typical aspects.

The interdisciplinary team also studies the relationships between

Sensory characteristics
Chemical and physical parameters
Technological variables used during the transformation process

in order to provide manufacturers with intervention strategies for products and innovative food lines.


Research groups


Working days


Team members


Companies involved

The link between specific quality parameters, profiles, and sensory attributes was also investigated to provide, with the help of colleagues in the area of communication, the most appropriate instruments and leverage for advertising and product promotion, which is effective but also rigorous and correct considering the technical-scientific level.

The sensory activities of the panel will be established in Meating Panel by trying to maintain a constant level of training of the tasting group regarding the products evaluated during the project and, at the same time, train it to taste new meat products.

This activity will add to that of the Professional Committee of virgin olive oils tasting of Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences, Bologna University (DISTAL Panel) recognized on 20 July 2006 by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. The panel of expert tasters works in a sensory testing laboratory located in the headquarters of Cesena and since 2006 deals with the organization of training sensory sessions of extra virgin olive oils, certification of extra virgin olive oils as Protected Designation of Origin (POD “Brisighella” and “Colline di Romagna”) and selection and evaluation of extra virgin olive oils for regional and national competitions.